Help : Frequently Asked Questions

Answer : While signing your Waiver on the Tablet, you had entered your First Name and Last Name. Your Reservation # is available with your Organizer. You can also refer to the details provided in the email that we sent you when your video was uploaded to our servers.
Answer : Did you provide a Valid Email address while signing your waiver on the Tablet ? If yes, please check your SPAM folder as well. If you do not remember your email address used in the Waiver form or there was a mistake in the email address, then please Call 1-877-828-8170 to get your details.
Answer : After Loging in, you will be presented a preview of your video right away. Based on the device used to access the MyVideo Page, you would be provided different options.
Answer : Yes, call 1-877-828-8170 to make your video purchase, and within a few minutes, we will send you an email with details to download your video
Answer : We retain your purchased videos for 30 Days from the date of jump on our video portal after which it will be removed automatically. If you want your video after 30 days, Call 1-877-828-8170 and as a special request, we will make it available for 3 days once more after your request.